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Kit Kittle is an award winning photographer and commercial director. Best known for his portrait and editorial photography, Kit’s work is in many ways all over the map. He has accumulated thousands of credits in major publications and has produced and directed films on five continents. He has shot commercials for the tourist boards of China, Ireland, and Bonaire, and has directed spots in the U.S. for outdoor sports, lotteries and banks. His work has appeared in major publications such as New York Times, Travel + Leisure, Smithsonian, and National Geographic Traveler.

At the age of sixteen, an interest in Buddhism led him to travel with his sister to teach school in Gangtok, Sikkim, in the eastern Himalayas. This experience inspired him to study Sanskrit and philosophy at Benares Hindu University in India for his junior year in college. By the time he was twenty-one, he had been around the world twice and was deeply involved his passion for photography. His India photos were then published by The Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1980, used as cover art, and inside a book called Ways to Shiva, and soon after published in Time magazine.

Throughout the eighties, Kit worked as a photojournalist, specializing in adventure travel, and did numerous assignments for the New York Times. In 1985, his first book, Roughnecks, published by Taylor Publishing of Dallas, was described by People magazine as “profiles full of pungent, unexpected pleasure and insight”.

Around the same time the Roughnecks photos were shot, Kit was in the West Village documenting drag queens for his next book Drag Queens: Street Theatre of the ‘80s. Kit decided to halt the completion of this project because during his five years in the West Village, many of his subjects had been killed in the AIDS crisis. Thirty years later, Kit felt it was the right time to finish telling their story, so the book came to fruition.

Enlightenment, Kit’s next book, was released in 2014. Enlightenment is an aggregation of Kit’s fascination with Buddhist culture and his passion for photography. The book highlights the beauty of the Buddha in some of Kit’s favorite places. Enlightenment is a celebration of steadfastness and mindfulness in everyday life.

Recently, Kit’s work has evolved back to the style of fine art photography that he was first drawn to during his experience in India. After years of shooting commercial work, Kit is exercising his freedom to shoot the subjects he finds irresistible. From soap bubbles to the body as a canvas, Kit is captivated by it all.

Kit is married to Laurette Angsten, a fashion designer. They have two sons, Cody and Henry. Kit and his wife currently reside in Greenwich, CT.