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I have spent thirty-five years as a photographer and filmmaker. My life is about creating images.

In 2012 I was walking along Park Avenue and 28th Street in New York City when a bubble came floating over my head. I could see myself reflected on its transparent skin and then as it moved higher, the bright yellow taxis around me appeared. The bubble drifted up and blew slowly across the street. That was the moment I decided to photograph bubbles, to take some time to see what they really look like.

Initially, I started photographing bubbles floating through space. Then the reflections that overwhelmed the appearance of some bubbles led me to the studio to see how a person would look on the bubble’s skin. The colors on a bubble alter its environment and the reflection on its circular shape gives the perspective of a wide-angle lens. I realized that it is impossible to control a bubble’s color or appearance. The only possibility is to make another bubble.

A bubble’s lifespan is both fragile and brief and because of this offers great visual drama. Magical moments arise when the bubble mixes with the colors and shapes of what surrounds it. Refractions from light traveling through the bubble’s skin generate psychedelic hues that color reality. Objects reflected on its spherical mirror bulge out when observed two dimensionally. The winds direct their motion through space.

Bubbles seem like Buddhists. Change is their one constant. Their skin is constantly flowing around the orb, holding themselves together. Though we unconsciously urge our will upon them, they are not concerned. A bubble will startle you by splitting itself into two bubbles and then again by those two re-joining into one. And then they pop!